From Registration To Ordering...
Everything You Need To Know...

At LightPlay Studio we like to keep things simple so here’s a step by step on how it all works.

1. Simply click on the “REGISTER MY CHILD” button found on our website. Fill out our registration form and make your payment via the bank details listed on the form.  Once we receive your registration form and full up front payment, we will notify you via SMS confirming your registration.  You will also be notified via SMS the day before your photos.


2. Prepare your child/children for their special photo day. 

3. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK…We take the photos.

4. We edit your child’s photos and create a password protected online gallery. You will then receive an email with a link to your gallery when its ready to view and download. (If you have ordered one of our DIGITAL AND PRINT packages, your prints have been ordered and are on their way to your home)

NOTE: Refunds are only given under certain circumstances such as your child being absent due to sickness.  Refunds will not be given on subjective opinions of your photos.  

NOTE: Once your photos have been downloaded, we will receive an automatic notification letting us know. We then remove your child’s photos from our site immediately for security purposes.  If you ever lose your images, fear not, everything is backed up on our hard drives for your convenience.

Why Digital?

Here at LightPlay Studio, we want you to have something timeless and affordable, and that is why we choose to deal with competitively priced digital packages as our main product.

I know many of you are used to receiving prints or booklets, and even fridge magnets and key rings in the past…but we don’t want a printed booklet to go missing in a pile of papers or tucked away in a drawer, or for a key ring to break and go missing.  We want you to put your images on display!!! We want you to share your images with friends and family across the world as you see fit.  Post them on Facebook or Instagram for everyone to enjoy, have them printed and framed…the choice is yours.

And the best thing about digital is that your files will never be lost.  Even if you misplace them, you can rest assured knowing that your photos are here with us safely backed up on our hard drives if you ever need a free replacement.

Do we do prints?

The simple answer is…YES!!

To find out more about our print options, head over to our pricing page…

What about group photos?

This is a question we frequently get asked so it’s important to address it thoroughly and honestly.

FOR SESSIONAL KINDERS THE ANSWER IS “YES” (With unanimous parental consent)

FOR LONG DAY CARE CENTRES, THE ANSWER IS “NO” (Group collage upon request)

Let me explain…

Childcare centers and kindergartens have a “media release consent” section on the admission form when a parent registers their children to attend.  This consent is for the use of “Story Park”, and may also include authority for external photographers such as us at LightPlay Studio to take photos, and maybe even include an authority to release photos for the center’s own promotion material.  

WE DO NOT rely on this consent as sufficient for us to photograph every child in a center.  We much prefer to have each parent give consent directly to us through our online registration form.

The downside to this effort, is that unless we receive consent from EVERY parent in a center or kindergarten, (which we make every effort to get) we WILL NOT take a formal group photo.  Instead, we will design a collage which includes an individual photo of each consented child as well as their educators for you to enjoy.

As much as it is frustrating for us here at LightPlay Studio not to be able to do group photos without unanimous consent, we would rather deal with disappointment rather than legal matters which I am sure you can all appreciate.

How to prepare your children...

When preparing your children to have their photo taken, it is important to speak to them as early as possible and get them excited before we even meet them.  Children are easily spooked by new people, especially anyone holding a camera, so the more you talk to your children about us, the more likely we are to be able to get great photos.

As far as clothing, dress them in anything you like, but we do advise to avoid BLACK and FLUORESCENT clothing.  Try to use neutral colors where possible as it is not only easier for us to photograph, but it looks so much better than high contrast clothing.


We photograph the children “as we see them”…  We are not responsible for putting hair into pony tails, attaching ribbons or dressing children.  If you have any special requirements on the day of your children’s photos then it is best that you prepare them yourself and not rely on the educators or us to get them ready.  There will be  nothing more disappointing to everyone than when you view your photos and realize that the educators weren’t able to pass on your specific needs to us.