Portrait Photography - Our Style

As photographers, our cameras are our paintbrush.  But unlike an artist who may spend days or even weeks painting a persons portrait, we have a split second to capture that special moment that truly showcases a child’s true personality.
But when that moment presents itself, and the camera goes click, MAGIC HAPPENS!!!
We understand that as parents, you know your children better than anyone, and we always aim to provide you with images that truly reflect who your children are.
Whether your child is shy and quiet, or confident, loud and energetic, it is always our goal as photographers to capture your child’s true personality, rather than just the big cheesy smile.
When working with the children, we always take our time to get to know them first, and connect with them in a way that makes them feel safe, and brings out the best in them.  
Our style of photography speaks for itself.  We at LightPlay like to keep things simple.  Big, bright and bold portraits which fill the frame and look great hanging on your wall, on your phone or as a desktop background.
For examples of our work, please head over to our PORTFOLIO page.